Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A New Family!

Hey Gang!

I want you to me a new family!
 The Mother is Giselle. Her oldest girl is Mariah.
The youngest daughter is Larrisa!  
The Ladies: Hello!
The mom is a rebodied Dreamtopia Fairy! 
Yes, I have I ton of the Goddess
head sculpt but I couldn't resist one more.
 Giselle: it is a little windy!
The oldest daughter is Fab Fringe rebodied. She is another doll who have a
lot of but they do seem to make her a must have almost every time they release
The youngest is Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove Chelsea Doll Sprite AA pink
hair who was rebodied also!
I love the pink hair on all of them!

OK, Thanks For Looking! 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Since I Can't Find Babysitter Kevin....

Hey Gang!

Since I can't find Babysitter Kevin....let look at the original Kevin!
You might remember I have one doll Kevin in Johnston who is a slacker!
He is always late for school!

He is hanging out in Johnston up at some friend on Facebook and Twitter!
 He is doing this instead of doing his paper for class!
 He has a twin brother who is straight as an arrow!
Who has come to check on his progress on his progress!
 Although they are the same doll, they have slightly different face screening.
 The paint on their hair is slightly different too!
 They are looking, to me, in different directions too!
 Cody is looking straight on and Kevin...
Seems to be looking a little to the left.

Since, I have four of these dolls,  I did a paint job on one of them to give him
a different look!  I had been looking at the blonde doll on line and monitoring
the price (which is what I do when I am thinking about a purchase!) of a blonde
doll,  when I thought I could just paint one of the ones I have! So that is what
I did!
I painted his hair and eyes.  I really like the way he turned out.
 His name is Frank.  He is meeting Cody who will be working on a science
project with him.
Frank wasn't there with the project was assigned.  This is their first time meeting.
 I think they all will be heading for the library for some research.
Cody and Frank are ready to go but somehow I think Kevin is going to find a
way out of going!
What I will do with the last Kevin...maybe a redhead.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey Gang!

Ryan wishes you a happy St. Patrick's day!
Ryan:  Hey, I'm heading to a party!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some Quick Pictures From The Flower Show!

Hey Gang! 

I have to do some editing, so I am only posting a few of the pictures that
I took from the Phila. Flower Show!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Philly Flower Show!

Hey Gang

I'm going to take a little break from doll posting for the Phila. Flower Show!
I will post some pictures from the show!  The show is really nice this year!
So if you get a chance, you should come.  The Theme is The Wonders of
Water. and it feels like a rainforest!

I judge at the show and judged yesterday and will judge again on Thursday.
My husband and I entered the show and thus far we have won five ribbons!
I am also a Merit Badge Counselor for the Scouts (Boy, Girl and Club).  And
this is the seventh year the Scouts I work with have entered the show! They
have entered twenty-five plants this year which is about two plants for every
child. Hope to see you there!

Thanks For Looking!

Monday, February 19, 2018

New Doll To My Collection!

Hey Gang!
I have recently added two new dolls to my collection...they are 18 and 80!

Both of these dolls I have been looking forward to for a while!  Not enough
this time to chase them down like I did the 2017 Fashionista Petite, Slim and
Broad.  I waited until they showed up at my local Wal-Mart. Today I will
share with you Broad Fashionista Ken #18 Super Stripes!
Mattel Promo Photo!

I wasn't sure when I first saw him on line, already have SIS Darren, if I should
add him to my collection.  That smile wore me down!  I picture OOAK artists

turning him into Luther Vandross! What do you think?
#18 Super Stripes close-up
Mattel Promo Photo
So does he look like the promo? Yes, pretty much! There were five in my 
local Walmart.  Only two did have errors in the hairline that looked like the went 
to a drunk barber! So, what is that 40% or a "F"

Here he is in his outfit.
I like the pieces of the outfit separately but not so sure I would have put him
together like this.  His shirt and pants are well made but maybe his pants are a
little to long for me.  As a big guy, Luther likes his things more tailored!

I notice that guys are wearing pants longer but my guys
won't! His sneakers are basic white Ken sneakers.

I compared SIS  Darren to AA Fashionista Ken 2016.
So let's compare Darren to #18 My Luther Herschel (yup!  he has a last name).

It is the same head sculpt but a little more filled out!

Depending on the photo Darren's eye photo gray/green or lite brown.  Luther's eye are true light brown/hazel

Darren has a higher forehead.  Luther's head is bigger.
Now some of you might know that I really don't like big heads on dolls but on him
it works! He looks better on the broad body than the others I purchase because of it.  I
rebodied my other Broad dolls on to smaller bodies.  I think I will keep him on the
Broad body (hope there will be articulation in the future) and he gets to keep all the
broad clothes!

He is a little darker than Darren.  He is more chocolate!

So as we have come to expect, there are body issues! So are we just excepting body
issues or is Mattel doing anything about it?  Has anyone contacted Mattel about these
issues?  If so, what did they say? I called and complained.  They took my info but
were unable to tell me if someone will get back to me on it.

 Uneven body paint finish on multiple body parts!
This especially show up on arms and legs!
 I circled these and I hope you can see them.
 White spots on the chest and back that won't rub off!

Fashion Show Time!

Luther--Von Vivant!
So let's look at Luther in a few outfits!

Luther was husky as a boy, and considers himself a big guy.
No Fat Albert or Rerun jokes!
Off to work!  This is how you rock the mustard pants!
 Almost there!

 Just hanging out!
 I'm going to take in a movie with my boys!  Maybe Black Panther!
 Great, it starts in ten minutes!
 Taking in an art opening!
 There is so much to do here for Black History Month!

OK, Thanks For Looking!